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    About Us

    Why Choose Koloa Solutions

    We specialize in recruiting for technology firms in all disciplines including sales, software development, IT, marketing, finance, etc.  We are also available on an as and when needed basis for consulting on sales and customer service processes and CRM optimization. 

    I Am A Client

With a combined  background in recruiting, software services,  product management, an

    Recruiting - I AM A CLIENT

    With a combined  background in recruiting, software services,  and software sales, Koloa Solutions offers expertise atypical in the recruiting field - we are not just recruiters, we've actually worked in companies in a variety of roles and we feel very strongly that this helps us help you. in a way that you don't see among recruiters.

    Koloa Solutions can assist you in recruiting the following positions on a contract/interim basis or as permanent hires:

    • All levels of management including:
      • ​CxO 
      • VP
      • Director
      • Manager
    • ​Sales 
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service 
    • Software Development
    • IT
    • Finance

    Recruiting - I AM AJOB SEEKER

    We've heard the horror stories - unskilled recruiters who don't follow up with you, don't meet you in person, don't communicate all the facts to the client., etc.   

    Do you know why that is?  The bar is low when it comes to recruiters, frankly.  At Koloa, we believe it should be almost unattainably high because you deserve it, our client deserves it, and, we want to maintain our high reputation.

    We are passionate about fit so if you tell us what you're looking for, we'll find it for you if we don't already have a role (which is often the case).

    We have expertise in recruiting for many roles - see list to the left.  Even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for in your next role, that's ok.  Reach out to start a conversation and we'll be pleased to help.